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Optimize pathing and dwell time for higher conversions.

Enhance Your Store Layout

Most retailers never see the impact of efforts to influence customer pathing and dwell time. Walkbase Traffic uses Bluetooth location technologies combined with patented Walkbase algorithms to deliver precise asset location monitoring services.  

Location data is then analyzed, interpreted, and displayed via an online dashboard. Powerful and intuitive visualization features enables stores to see trends in pathing and dwell data, empowering them to make consistent improvements in store performance.

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Key Features

Staff Optimization
Understand how staff moves in relation to customer flows to automatically improve the staff to customer ratio by zone level across the store.

Staff Alerts
Automatically trigger events such as traffic or long dwell times and send the closest employee to assist.

Shopping Cart Tracking
Accurately track the movement and location of shopping carts to analyze cart utilization and shopping behavior.

Assets and Equipment
Locate high-value individual assets and equipment in real-time to understand asset utilization and reduce theft and loss.

Asset Management
Walkbase Assets is a powerful asset management tool for measuring the real-time location of staff and high value assets to monitor usage and increase operational efficiency.

Privacy friendly
No personally identifiable information is collected.

Walkbase IntelliCount leverages existing technology developed and deployed for 10+ years in thousands of locations.

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Location Analytics Dashboard

An online dashboard displays real-time or historical asset location data including a visual map and a heat map that provide location, zone visits and dwell times. Users can tag assets with different categories, as well as add additional contextual information about assets, so they can more easily distinguish between them. Asset location data can be integrated and combined with other data sources, including customer behavior, point of sale, marketing campaigns, and weather to create a 360 degree view of what is happening in your physical spaces.

Metrics include:

  • Total department visits and dwell time
  • Total zone visits and dwell time
  • Zone visit history
  • Map view with asset location markers
  • Heat map of asset locations

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