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Measure Occupancy with 99% accuracy.

Digitize Occupancy Metrics

Walkbase Occupancy measures and reports on the number of occupants in real time. High accuracy, 3D sensors are installed at entrances and exits to ensure 99% accuracy on occupancy count. Data can be connected with additional sources and automated triggers to drive more efficient and transparent operations. 

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Key Benefits

3D cameras deliver more than 99% accuracy on occupancy.

Reallocate staff from entrance/exit counting roles to meaningful store operations and customer service tasks.

Walkbase data is easily accessed by any browser-enabled mobile device, tablet, workstation or digital signage.

Email and Push Notifications are available to alert staff when stores are close to capacity thresholds.

Integrate with existing footfall data and continue to use an advanced customer management solution once restrictions are lifted.

Privacy friendly
No personally identifiable information is collected.

Walkbase Occupancy leverages existing technology developed and deployed for 10+ years in thousands of locations.

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Solution Components

  • 3D footfall camera for accurate counting
  • Walkbase cloud analytics
  • Mobile friendly live view of store occupancy data

Integrations, Automations and Display

Data from Walkbase Occupancy can be used to further engage and inform shoppers and store employees.

  • Display real-time wait updates, occupancy capacity and in-store safety procedures on digital signage
  • Report on sensor-based insights, including customer and employee behavior and preferences
  • Connect third-party hardware and software, such as automated entry/exit doors, queuing systems and existing operations dashboards

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