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Drive better merchandising strategies and more sales.

Could Planograms Be Better?

Analyzing customer behavior at high-value demos and end caps, Walkbase Merchandising helps you decipher the effectiveness of merchandising decisions, so you can make improvements to product assortment, placement, and promotions.

Metrics are generated by monitoring key assets with cost-effective, high-precision and scalable Bluetooth location technologies. Positioning data is then processed by patented Walkbase algorithms to build a single view of shopper journeys, complete with dwell and pathing, so you can see how shoppers are interacting at high-value areas of the store.

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The Value of Merchandising Metrics

Shopping Cart or Basket Analysis
Accurately track the movement and location of shopping carts to analyze cart utilization and shopping behavior that can be paired against POS transaction data.

Assortment Planning
Conduct store-level assortment based on which planograms perform the best with new and discontinued items.

Shopping Cart Tracking
Enhance category management capabilities by tracking performance in driving aisle traffic, margin and overall store growth.

Pathing Insights
Determine the most valuable real estate and where certain merchandise can yield the highest conversion rate.

End Cap & Demo Effectiveness
Identify the most and least visited end caps or demo stations to create the most profitable merchandise strategies based on customer engagement. 

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Why Walkbase

Powerful Data Processing
Walkbase technology ingests and analyzes data in real-time coupled with historical data

Advanced Algorithms
Streamline various datasets to provide clean and reliable data input for analysis

Data Integration
Incorporate relevant data sources such as POS, weather and staffing for a holistic view of the customer’s context

Large Scale Deployment
Use advanced admin tools to deploy, manage and monitor sites and devices on large scale deployments in multiple locations

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