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Why Walkbase

High Accuracy Backed by Proven Experience

High Accuracy Backed by Proven Experience

When you choose Walkbase, you choose a technology pioneer, known for in-store analytics with seven patents and an industry-leading R&D lab. The Walkbase platform works out of the box but can be customized to your business context and desired outcome. 

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What we offer

Meticulous Data Gathering
Collect accurate data on all key conversion points from inside the store to understand the full customer journey, so that you can make and test incremental changes.

Complete View Of Customer Engagement
Integrate with relevant external data sources such as POS, staffing, and weather for complete view of customer engagement and conversion in given any context.

Powerful Data Processing
Ingest and analyze data in real-time and layered over historical data for trends identification and predictive behavior modeling.

Advanced Algorithms
Walkbase provides the tools with advanced algorithms for cleaning up various datasets to provide clean and reliable data streams.

Easy-To-Use Admin Tools
Online dashboard to analyze customer behavior in real-time and available API to unify multiple data sources in one view.

World-class Professional Services
At the ready, Walkbase can deploy business analysts and a data science team to any custom projects or implementation as needed.

At Walkbase, we want to help build the ultimate audience and customer experience.

Over ten years ago at a university lab, our team aimed to measure people’s indoor location accurately and in real-time. By doing this, we enabled a legion of new services to make our everyday lives more convenient.

Along the way, we realized how brick-and-mortar venues such as retail stores, restaurants and airports interact with their customers in aspects that cannot be reproduced or found online: Human interaction, concierge-level service, touch and feel, and immediate delivery have incredible potential to create memorable, meaningful experiences that are irreplicable.

Today, we are not only bridging the gap between the world of online and offline experiences with data, but our goal is to help you improve your business outcome, whether it’s to increase sales or understand the traffic flowing through your building. The touchpoints that you have with customers can always be improved. We give you the means to measure and benchmark, so that you can adapt more quickly and effectively.

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