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At Walkbase, we want to help build the ultimate audience and customer experience. 

Almost ten years ago at a university lab, our team aimed to use Wi-Fi to measure people’s indoor location accurately and in real-time. By doing this, we enabled a legion of new services to make our everyday lives more convenient.

Along the way, we realized how brick-and-mortar venues such as retail stores, restaurants and airports have many experience aspects that cannot be reproduced or found online — human interaction, concierge-level service, touch and feel, immediate delivery and creating memorable, entertaining experiences.

Now, as part of the STRATACACHE family of digital media/marketing technology companies, we’re inspiring transformation by marrying our deep insights with powerful, interactive digital solutions that reinvent the retail and entertain space.

Interested in seeing Walkbase in action? Visit the STRATACACHE event page to find out what trade shows and events we’re attending, where you can our technology delivering real-time, interactive experiences!


Tuomas Wuoti
VP Business & Operations
Tuomas used to be a professional chef in a Michelin Star restaurant.

Ben Reynolds
Vice President of Business Development
Ben is an avid golfer and once played 63 holes of golf in one day!

Niclas Jern
VP, Engineering & Research
Niclas owns a real lightsaber.

Gabriel Nyman
VP Security & Privacy
Gabriel used to have a full head of hair before Walkbase was founded.

Björn Sjölund
VP Product & Data
Björn has built a sauna into a car.

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