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Walkbase technology in the transportation industry

Using the Walkbase location-based marketing and analytics platform, owners/operators of transportation hubs including bus stations, train stations and airports can learn about the patterns and behaviors in the physical space. Walkbase combines Bluetooth beacons and other sensors to gather data of passengers’ location and behavior with full coverage of the transportation hub. This data gives versatile tools for understanding the customer journey — analyzing paths and passenger segments, identifying bottlenecks and crowding and enabling engagement with passengers via their own smartphone. Passengers can even benefit from location-based content such as changed arrival times, departure information, updates and transfer directions pushed directly to their smartphones for added convenience.

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Case Studies


Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport used Walkbase to leverage deeper knowledge of passenger flow and activity from check-in to take off. Operators were able to effectively build a close and more personalized relationship with their visitors and better accommodate their needs during their travels. With multiple sensors installed throughout the terminal complex, Walkbase allowed Helsinki Airport to connect with an estimated 60-70% of visitors who visit the airport and leave their mobile phones with Wi-Fi turned on.


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