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The Future of Grocery Shopping

The Walkbase self-hosted and secure platform for grocery stores provides real-time data on customer behaviors throughout the store. By utilizing Bluetooth and 3D sensor technology, the Walkbase platform gathers insights through highly advanced mobile tracking, mobile messaging and artificial intelligence-based mobile ad targeting systems. The Walkbase platform generates data on preferences, location, price sensitivity and basket sizes via shopper smartphone and browsing behavior. This abundance of information allows the grocery store to send more targeted promotions, reconfigure their marketing campaign, fix pricing issues, market relevant content to in-store shoppers and remove uncertainty from inventory management.

Case Studies


Morrisons Case Study

Morrisons grocery stores used the Walkbase platform to gain real-time data on customer behavior in order to increase customer satisfaction and reduce basket abandonment. By integrating Walkbase technology into their existing Wi-Fi, Morrison’s grocery chain gained the capability to determine footfall and dwell time trends, recurring visitor patterns and the popularity of store zones. Teaming with Walkbase allowed Morrison’s grocery stores to collect useful insights to modify their staff rotas which enabled Morrison’s to increase customer satisfaction and meet their goal of reducing basket abandonment.



Kesko’s Case Study

In an effort to build a more personalized relationship with their customers Kesko, a Finnish grocery retailer, collaborated with Walkbase to improve how customers receive and utilize special offers. Through the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Walkbase is able target relevant content and products directly to a customer’s smartphone when they enter the store. The positioning technology enabled Walkbase to create anonymous datasets on customer movements throughout the store. After directly targeting content and products to each customer, Kesko was able to measure the results of the Walkbase integration and concluded that as a result there was a 14% increase in basket size, a 10% increase in visitor frequency and a 3% increase in average dwell time.


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