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As the retail landscape rapidly evolves, the rise of online shopping and e-commerce presents ongoing challenges for brick-and-mortar retailers. The global retail market is expected to reach $29,361.95 billion in 2025, driven by new retail technology, rises in income in key geographies and growing customer demand.

As consumer demands change, traditional retailers are integrating technology into their day-to-day functioning to stay ahead. In-store analytics are becoming an essential tool for retailers to better understand customer behavior, elevate the in-store experience and streamline business operations.

In 2021, the in-store analytics market stood at USD $941 million. The market value is estimated to be valued at USD $4,252.1 million by 2030.

Walkbase TREQ is a smart in-store analytics tool that allows retailers to optimize operations by gaining an in-depth understanding of customer journey, preferences, and more. A high-accuracy solution, Walkbase TREQ uses real-time location data to provide a data-driven view of the entire in-store customer journey.

Here’s how Walkbase TREQ can help retailers better understand the in-store journey:

Monitor Occupancy in Real-Time
The Walkbase TREQ tracks customer movements without collecting identifiable data in physical stores, providing real-time metrics on in-store occupancy. 3D sensors and footfall cameras provide data and visual insights that are useful for identifying busy and quiet store periods, health and safety planning and optimizing staff allocation.

Measure Queue Performance
Walkbase TREQ Queue Analytics provide information on store queue performance, including wait times and cashier speed, on a store-by-store basis. This can help retailers identify if checkout areas need to be added to or optimized to reduce customer wait times, and helps in making important decisions about checkout placement and operations.

Optimize Traffic For Higher Conversions
Walkbase Traffic measures the movement of customers through the store using location monitoring, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth asset tagging and other technologies. This allows retailers to make informed decisions about store layout and product placement and identify areas of high and low foot traffic. Retailers can then make adjustments to better target marketing campaigns, rearrange store layouts and improve the staff-to-customer ratio by zone level.

Drive Sales With Merchandising Metrics
Walkbase TREQ Merchandising gathers real-time positioning data to map customer journeys inside the store. Metrics are generated by monitoring key assets with high-precision and scalable Bluetooth location technologies. Positioning data is then processed by patented Walkbase algorithms to build a single view of shopper journeys, complete with dwell and pathing, so you can see how shoppers are interacting at high-value areas of the store.
Retailers can identify the best-performing planograms to ensure that the products are placed where they will be seen and engaged with, resulting in higher conversions.

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Walkbase TREQ
Walkbase TREQ is giving retailers the tools they need to make data driven-decisions and gain real insights into customer behavior. Connect with us to experience Walkbase TREQ and understand customer journeys with in-store retail analytics.

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