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DAYTON, Ohio, Nov. 16, 2021 — STRATACACHE today announced the launch of Walkbase TREQ, a comprehensive solution for capturing and analyzing data from all consumer interactions in retail stores, restaurants, financial institutions, transportation hubs and more. 

Walkbase TREQ consumer interaction measurement - asset tagging solution

Walkbase TREQ consists of four components that measure a consumer’s specific movements throughout the physical space, using strategically placed sensors to accurately analyze movements with accuracy within one meter. With this data, marketing and innovation teams gain real insights through Walkbase TREQ’s dashboards, which clearly pinpoint impactful changes that will optimize sales and communication.

The four components of Walkbase TREQ are:

  • Walkbase Occupancy — Real-time occupancy management and COVID-safety compliance for facilities such as retail stores, restaurants and banks. High accuracy, 3D sensors are installed at the entrances and exits to ensure a precise occupancy number.
  • Walkbase Queue Analytics — Measure and manage cashier lanes better by using real-time data of customer movements. Queue Analytics lets you track the journey through the checkout in high detail, in real time and understand idle customer wait, total checkout time, and improve operational efficiency and staffing.
  • Walkbase Merchandising — Improve merchandising strategy by making data-driven decisions on product assortment, placement, and promotions. Sensor data uncovers insights about shopping cart or basket analysis, assortment planning, category visibility, as well as end cap and demo effectiveness.
  • Walkbase Traffic — A cloud-based solution that uses Bluetooth location technologies combined with patented Walkbase algorithms to deliver cost effective, high-precision and scalable asset-location monitoring services. 

“Numbers alone are just plain data, but when they are used together to create a holistic view based on real-time movements of customers then it becomes meaningful and actionable,” said Ben Reynolds, STRATACACHE’s Vice President of Business Development for Walkbase. “What needs to be captured is the entire customer journey. Doing that shouldn’t be a complicated process. Walkbase TREQ is a highly accurate, light-weight solution that scales as your business grows. And a key component of Walkbase TREQ delivery is our team of technologists and retail experts who work in lockstep with retailers to ensure success with our solution.”

“Walkbase TREQ fills out the full view of the facility, ensuring labor and staffing — which pose many challenges in today’s environment — are truly optimized. These insights directly contribute to efficiency and a positive customer experience,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE.

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STRATACACHE provides scalable customer experiences, empowering retailers to learn deeply about their customers’ shopping preferences and behaviors, allowing for personalized shopper interaction. Our solutions deliver consumer activation at the point-of-decision, generating new sales opportunities and enhanced retail profitability. With 3.3 million+ software activations globally, we power the biggest digital networks for the world’s largest brands. Across the STRATACACHE family of companies, we have the technology, expertise and track record to bring retail innovation that delivers results. Learn more about the STRATACACHE family at on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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